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samedi 31 mars 2007

Whois python service 0.2.0 (en)

world The Whois python service is a Python module for querying a WHOIS database. It was mainly designed to retrieve the country from an IP address. This new version adds support for querying longitude and latitude of countries from a local database. You can then draw a world map with circles above given countries and control the circle size and/or colour with associated numerical data.

world map

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mardi 27 mars 2007

Whois python service 0.1.0 (en)

address book WHOIS is a service used to get some information about a domain name or an Internet IP address, for example where in the world the machine is or what the owner organisation is. The whois Python module can be used to query the country from an IP address or to get a full answer from an Internet whois server.

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